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Silent Hill Role Play

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Henry Townshend -- 002 [14 Aug 2006@ 06:38p]

So, I haven't been able to find anyone around. That really bothers me. It seems to me that there's absolutely nothing in this town except me. I see empty cars everywhere, but no one is ever inside. I knock on doors, but no one answers. I followed all the main roads, but they all get cut off by locked doors or a deep gorge.

I can't do this. I really want this to all be a dream. A horrible, nasty dream.

[05 Jul 2004@ 06:38a]

::apears out of nowhere, and quickly crawls under a car::
1 cmnt

shit. [28 Jun 2004@ 05:46p]

Angela wiped a cold sweat off of her brow and looked down at the knife. She panicked for a moment, completely forgetting when she picked up that blasted thing. The air was warm, and it made her start to feel dizzy. She stopped walking down the street for a moment and looked around through the thick fog. Not far off in the distance she saw Rosewater Park. She ascended the stairs and sat down on a bench, pulling a small bottle out of her pocket. The cool liquid slid down her throat and she gratefully accepted it.

The water was calm and there was almost no sound other than Angela's breathing. Soon after she thought it was safe, she heard a rustling in the bushes and screamed, tumbling off the bench. She grabbed the knife and held it shakily up in the direction of the bushes.

"WHO'S THERE!?" She called.

[26 Jun 2004@ 06:39p]

Heather hurries after the officer, pausing a moment beside the now dead creature. Some morbid curiousity rises in her and she kicks at it, shouting when it twitches with death.

"Something's wrong with this place," she announces, finally catching up with Cybil, eyeing the gun holstered near the officer's hand. "It's...wrong. Like we're not where we should be. Like...like the world is still out there, but we can't get to it."

She shakes her head, running her hands through her hair. "Maybe I'm just going crazy. Maybe...maybe I'll wake up and I'll be back at the mall. And my dad'll be there. He'll be there and he'll drive me home and everything'll be okay."

She sighs, glancing up to find the officer watching her, curiously. "I'm just...thinking out loud."

Taking a deep breath, she eyes the street ahead of her. "So where do we go now?"

[18 Jun 2004@ 11:43p]

*knocked out by something heavy un-expectedly*

[19 Jun 2004@ 12:42a]

*Runs along the woman for a while but then sees a figure in the distance*


*Starts to slowly walk towards the figure to see what it could be... Could it be daddy?*

"Daddy, is that you?"

*Tears fill in her eyes as she approaches the figure*


*She runs as fast as her little feet can take it for it is a strange looking creature who is chasing her*

"Leave me alone help me daddy!! Lady!!"

*Approaches a big building and enters it looks like a mall of some sort, or maybe an apartment building. She is unsure but just goes and hides hoping to find someone to save her.*

[17 Jun 2004@ 10:43p]

[ mood | determined ]

*approaches Maria*

*swings the Great Knife in her direction*


[17 Jun 2004@ 03:49p]

*Maria and Cheryl sit clenched in fear in the closet where the only have a minimal view of what is going on outside*

The beings cannot even walk straight. They don't even make coherent noises either. They drag their feet along the floor. But there is another sound present as well. A horrible sound of metal being dragged along the cement floor.

*Feels at her waist for her pistol, then looks at Cheryl*

"we have to get out of here now" she whispers as she grabs the little trembling girls hand. "On the count of three run towards the exit i'll meet up with you after i take them down. Don't open the door until i'm there. OK? Ready? one......two.....three.

*Maria slams the door open violently as Cheryl scurries towards the back door. Maria's heart is trembling with fear, never did she think she'd have the courage to do something like this*

The monsters look up and start inching towards her.

*Grips the pistol as hard as she can, closes her eyes and shoots*

*She misses the one farthest away*

Thinking to herself "no need to waste my bullets now" So she runs toward the exit, grabs Cheryl and runs to the outside.

They start running down the road as fast as they can. Maria glances up to see if she can figure out where they are "Bauchman road" appears on the street sign through the thick fog. They are in the old part of silent hill. She glaces back down to look to see what Cheryls thinking, but she is gone.

"CHERYL???????" "CHERYL" *she begins to cry*

[16 Jun 2004@ 09:46p]

As Heather backed up, Cybil aimed at the flying creature. It looked like a skinless terradactyl, nothing of this world. She didn't want to,but she shot it. This didn't stop it either. The thing flailed a bit, then continued flying at them. Shooting it again, it fell dead, right before Cybil's feet.

Her eyes grew wide, body shaking as she backed away from that thing. "Wh-what was that?" She didn't wait for an answer though, instead Cybil started walking down Segan Street, twords Wilson Street.

[16 Jun 2004@ 03:17p]

My god, i can't stand this any longer, i need to get out of here!

*Grabs her sweater, a health kit, and a knife from the kitchen*

Alright Lisa, i said to myself, get yourself together.

In Silent Hill [16 Jun 2004@ 10:40a]

Rolling over from her spot on a cold, dank matress, Angela rubbed her head. Glancing up at the ceiling, the rust colored walls suddenly made her feel sick to her stomach. Sitting up, she looked around. The barely dim-lit room was a mess. Papers scattered over a desk, a chair tipped over on its side.. A clock had fallen from the wall, and the air smelled stale. Gagging, she started the panic.

"Wha..what happened in here?! Mama where are you!" She called blindly in the dark. She stood up and suddenly tumbled over face first to the ground. Angela grabbed at the floor, and scurried up to her feet. Bending over she picked up her sheet off the ground. Examining it, she suddenly let out a shrill scream and threw it to the ground, bolting towards the entrance of the room.

The living room of the small Blue Creek apartment building, again Angela began feeling nauseous, breathing heavily. There was a creaking sound coming from the doorway, and Angela shot a stare in that general direction. The look on her face changed from confusion to terror.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" She cried. "I hate you, daddy.."

The disfigured creature she called "daddy" began to take slow steps forward, groaning. In response, Angela took a step back towards the kitchen, putting her hand on the counter top. It took a moment for her to register her thoughts, and her fingers wrapped around the handle of a butcher knife. When the creature lunged forward, she drew the knife into it's torso, and as it screamed and fell over, she pulled the knife out. It began to stand up as she ran to the door, pulling it open and disappearing down the hall.

When she got outside, she breathed in deeply.

"Mama, where are you...?"

[16 Jun 2004@ 12:04p]

*Puts hand over mouth trying hard not to cry or scream*

*Looks teary eyed at the door where the fingers are entering and stares wide eyed*

*Turns around and grabs onto the woman fear is all around*

[16 Jun 2004@ 01:14a]

Heather glances up, momentarily, catching sight of the odd creature, the sight horrifying her. She turns her gaze to Cybil, the gun bringing up a greater fear than the creature.

"Believe me, I'm not arguing with you."

She finds herself unconsciously backing up, eyes impossibly wide, heart thundering in her chest. A scream builds, but she clamps her mouth shut, tightening her hands into fists.

[15 Jun 2004@ 08:12p]

A loud screech, not belonging to any bird, comes from farther down Segan Street, possibly out front of FANS. Cybil's head turns sharply to look, a shadow of something flying twords them from two buildings down. The fog made the identity of this creature undescribeable. She drew her gun and turned to Heather.

"It would be wise if we moved.."

[15 Jun 2004@ 03:18p]

The young priest looks over his shoulder with a nervous hesitation, viridian eyes darting quickly behind spectacle lenses. He turns back to look the priestess after a moment, dry-swallowing, a slight tic tugging at a corner of his mouth. There's a nervous laugh caught in the back of his throat, the unease of his demeanor quite apparent as he stands next to Claudia. He shoots a hand up quickly to run his fingers through his hair, though he doesn't seem calmed by the unconscious action.

"Of course I remember the Festival, how could I not?" he replies, a subtle twinge of humor in the words as they're spoken. "That day will remain as one of the better memories, I admit." he adds with a slight look of haughtiness, a vague smirk on his face. "But still, to come here?" His previous expression quickly fades in favor of a more reserved countenance, brow furrowed. "Do you really deem this as necessary?" he inquires, looking over his shoulder again.

As Claudia swivels, making her way towards the entrance, Vincent falls in step behind her, fingers pressed to his temples, shaking his head to himself.

[15 Jun 2004@ 11:59a]

*looks around the closet. She notices now that they are in an old chapel*

with a whisper, "I don't know hunny. It sounded like a giant door, in the other room. Shhh someone is coming...."

*slightly moves one of the panels on the closet door so they can see whats going on.*

They both see two figures entering the room they are hiding in. Something about them makes them uneasy, something is not right.

[14 Jun 2004@ 09:48p]

*Covers her ears and hides under a table and begins to cry*

What is happening to this place!?

[14 Jun 2004@ 09:08p]


She paused for a second.

Cybil placed a comforting hand on Heather's shoulder. "Hey, it's gonna be okay. I'm sure theres a way out of here."

She removed the hand and looked around. "You said youwere at the mall...the Silent Hill Town Center?"

[14 Jun 2004@ 07:58p]


"I'm scared" *whispers to the woman quietly knowing there is something scary outside.*

"Whats out there?"

[14 Jun 2004@ 06:10p]

Heather Morris.

I think this whole place is dead. I haven't heard anything. No voices, no birds, no wind...

*glances around, nervously*

*to herself* How do you go from being in a mall with tons of people around to being in a...a ghost town?

*to the police officer* Um...what was your name again? Do you know the way out of here? If I don't get home soon, my dad's gonna freak. I'm gonna freak.

[14 Jun 2004@ 04:54p]

*shocked in disbelief*
*thinking to herself, "how can someone leave a small child in a place like this!?"*

"sure hun, stick with me and i'll help you find your daddy. What happened to h..."

*both freeze, there is a big bang outside*

*Grabs Cheryls hand and runs into the closet.*

The noise gets louder...

[14 Jun 2004@ 06:52p]

*is close enough to see the figure is a teenage female*

Cybil shook her head. "No, I don't know what's going on here, but they say this town is truly bizarre." She paused. "I'm not a resident here, either. I'm a police officer from Brahms. I was on the phone with a friend who works in the Police Department here and the line went dead and stayed dead, I came to check this out but haven't seen anyone besides you...whats your name?"

[14 Jun 2004@ 04:29p]

*sees a police officer walking towards her*

Oh, man, am I glad to see someone. Do you know what happened here? One minute I'm in the mall and the next minute I'm *waves towards the empty street* You live here?

[14 Jun 2004@ 05:54p]

*Hears all the screaming, and decides to go inside before anything reaches her.*

Wonder what that was, i said to myself.

*Fills out some paperwork on a recently emitted patient*

Name: Adam
Age: 19

Ugh, another young one, i wonder what this one did.

[14 Jun 2004@ 10:16a]

I'm Cheryl

*Pouts a little*

I'm looking for my daddy, I miss him can you help me find him?

*cries into arms*

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